Wine bar TEN10

Interior Design

Wine bar TEN10

Wine bar TEN10

Design team: Vasilis Stroumpakos, Mina Sarantopoulou
Place: Pyrgos Helias
Photos: AD prestige digital agency

The project concerns the design of a winebar that is located at the cetral square of the city of Pyrgos Helias, Greece. The site allows the full perspective view of the central square and has an ideal orientation that allows the utilization of natural light. Those characteristics along with the desire of the owners for clean and idiosyncratic space design, formulated the main synthesis axes.

The design introduces the bar as a protagonist of the composition, an element of powerful identity. The dominant monolithic bar is made of emerald-colored marble of Tenos. The oinotheke, a curved “waffle” structure made of birch plywood colored in light oak, is designed to enter the space organically. The walls are made of warm gray concrete texture and the floor is divided between green and ash tones. The synthesis is complemented by the identifiable metal ceiling which aims at diffusing the natural light that enters the space from the skylights during the day as well as the artificial lighiting scheme which was designed to adapt to the needs of different hours and activities during the day / night alternation.

TEN_04 scaled
Curvy bar plywood frame
TEN_02a scaled

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